DMX’s friend Jungle apologizes for the crash phase during the memorial service

Jungle, a close friend of DMX, went viral after crashing the stage during the late rapper’s memorial service.

Jungle has faced backlash online – he wants forgiveness now.

“As a personal friend of Earl Simmons, I just got emotional and frustrated and angry with the situation, and it just turned out that way,” Jungle told Rev. Bernard. “That was not my intention. And definitely not my intention to disregard anyone’s house, let alone anyone’s ministry,” he said in a call to Reverend AR Bernard, whom Jungle interrupted during the service.

He continued, “I just want to apologize publicly for what happened at the funeral,” he said. “I was emotional that day. Frustrated. I saw the footage, I didn’t like what I saw. So I want to apologize to the family and friends of Earl and also say the speech I actually made for Earl wrote that day. “

Do you accept his apology?

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