deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin announce new virtual startup ‘PIXELYNX’

PIXELYNX tries to bridge the gap between digital collectibles, games and virtual worlds.

Musicians and technologists for their new company Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman have teamed up with visionaries in the music industry Ben Turner, Dean Wilson and Indian Phull.

When the boundaries between games, music, fashion, art and technology become blurred, PIXELYNX will serve as a “portal into the metaverse” revolving around a “direct-to-avatar” ecosystem. The aim is to work towards a more autonomous and decentralized entertainment space where brands and developers are brought together through digital collectibles, gaming partnerships and beyond, with fans around the world.

Hawtin shares:

When we cross the threshold into augmented reality, the future really is upon us. PIXELYNX is here to support positive and creative acceleration in this new space, working with artists to boost their creativity in this new medium and with brands to develop unique digital assets that have meaning and value.

Zimmerman adds:

What PIXELYNX offers goes beyond the situation where we dip our toes into the metaverse situation. The virtual world is constantly growing and changing which is really exciting and we are growing with it, especially into new areas like music and fashion. Games, virtual worlds and interactive experiences offer unlimited possibilities in which we can break new ground.

Find out more about the exciting startup here.

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