CloudNone and Direct spill their unhappy boi emotions by means of breakbeat on the EP "Responsible Pleasures"

CloudNone and Direct have a fascinating story together. The two Monster cat Roster artists have produced some of the label's most atmospheric electronic projects in recent years. From their double single deep house release "Mojito / Maragarita" to their breakbeat-pop fusion 2019 on their Lost and Found EP, CloudNone and Direct keep pushing their collaborative sound with each new release.

Their latest EP Guilty Pleasures is no different. On the three-track EP, CloudNone and Direct show off their most melancholic inhibitions with a variety of tools that are effectively used. For example, the title track distorts vocals from deep bass to high pitches. Meanwhile the drums at the start have this low-fi quality like something from a burial project. But it's the floating, menacing synthesizers and nonchalant basslines that set the focus for both the track and the entire EP.

On the second track “Slip”, CloudNone and Direct venture into a more optimistic area and continue to use garage as a genre medium. The synthesized piano melody is an eye-catcher and at the same time reminds of the sound of a fading steelpan drum kit. This is contrasted in the glitch as a crescendo of violins builds up steam before disappearing into UK garage beats. But it comes back just as powerful and mixed with the beat.

The last track, "Told You", is arguably the grooviest track on the track. The hi-hats hit a bit harder and have a technical cleanliness that wasn't shared in the previous tracks. It is characterized by a confident track that makes its synthesizers louder, its drums more layered and its sound more complex. It's also an excellent closeness to this EP as it's a mighty goodbye after a surprise hearing of introspective electronic music.

In short, CloudNone and Direct share the most intimate listening material they have ever produced. Looking at the project as a whole, the EP sequencing shows interesting progress from song to song. "Guilty Pleasures" begins with a sound of dejection and regret. Then comes "Slip", which shares the feeling of a crooked smile at night. The EP ends with “Told You” where earlier subtleties are discarded in order to make a more prominent and safer choice of sound design. The Guilty Pleasures EP doesn't just consist of three breakbeat / garage tracks. It is a story that is told with small texts and all the ambience.

Check out the latest Guilty Pleasures EP from CloudNone and Direct anywhere now.

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