Christina Perri publicizes the lack of the infant 2 weeks after hospitalization

Christina Perri shared the tragic news that she lost her baby girl.

The singer-songwriter, who has been hospitalized for pregnancy complications in recent weeks, shared the news on Tuesday, November 24th, via Instagram.

"Last night we lost our little girl," Christina captioned a photo with her daughter's hand. "She was born in silence after fighting so hard to make it into our world. She is at peace now and will live in our hearts forever."

On November 11th, Christina asked fans to "Please send some love from your heart to the little heart that beats inside me that we can all do this" after her baby had complications with her gut. Then, three days later, the 34-year-old confirmed that her newborn would have to undergo surgery after she was born.

"The baby is about to be operated on when it arrives," she said at the time. "We're going to be in the hospital for some time. We're going to prepare for [the intensive care unit], but anything could happen."

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