Chicago PD’s Tracy Spiridakos breaks this “upstead” moment: “That brings them closer together”


Warning: This post contains spoilers from Chicago PD Read Wednesday at your own risk.

It looks like “Upstead” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This week’s Chicago PD noted that Halstead and Upton took an important step in their relationship after closing an intense case.

Early that hour, Halstead said to Upton that he loved her. Instead of saying the same words to him, Upton apologized and ran out of the apartment. It was a jerky response to her traumatic childhood where “I love you” always came after an abusive episode.

After Upton admitted that she didn’t really understand how relationships work, she told Halstead that she really wanted to be with him and learn how to get better. Halstead assured her that they would find out and also stated that he wanted to be with her too. It was a sweet moment that really confirmed where they are in their relationship.

“This brings them closer together,” Spiridakos told TVLine via email. “It’s the first time Hailey has let anyone stay after seeing this guarded and broken side of her. It feels like she’s really in love for the first time. When Jay stays and loves her so much she feels safe, but also for the first time she has something to lose. “

According to Spiridakos, there will be more Upstead later this season and we’ll see the intelligence detectives struggling to balance their relationship with their workplace dynamics. “There is one episode where Hailey tries to protect their relationship as much as possible,” she adds.

Subsequently, Upton was also deeply affected by a case involving a missing teenage girl who reminded her of herself when she was younger. Upton went to great lengths to catch their suspicious and even bumped heads with Voight, which made it clear that they can no longer circumvent the law the way they used to. Although she almost went too far – she suggested using ICE illegally to threaten her undocumented suspect and his family – she kept herself in check and was able to find the missing child without resorting to these illegal tactics.

“I think this case showed her that she solved the case without crossing the line and using ICE,” explains Spiridakos. “If she had crossed the line, it wouldn’t have worked. She would have lost the case and the girl would still be missing. She has learned that she cannot react to emotions with this desperation of solving the case at any cost without facing real consequences that could cost her everything. I hope we will continue to see them grow that way in future episodes. “

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