Card sharks reveal: What number of actual housewife followers throw wine to enemies?


Here is the voting result that you have really been waiting for and that will really rock your world.

This week host Joel McHale on ABC's Card Sharks (Sundays at 9/10) asks attendees Felonda Parker (of Fontana, Calif.) And John Jeon (of Glendale, Calif.) How many of 100 Real Housewives fans have ever been to We Have Their Wine Thrown at someone like Tamra Judge, Lisa Rinna, LeeAnne Locken, and Bravo know how many other Grand Dames have made out of the reality TV franchise over the years.

"Who does that?" laughs Felonda, to whom Joel says, "Every episode of Real Housewives does."

Before you hit the play button on the clip above, make sure you know: "How many out of 100 Real Housewives fans have thrown wine in someone's face?" – and then you look at number Felonda and see if John goes up … or down.

The real poll result can surprise and surprise you! Or not.

The other Card Sharks match this Sunday is led by biologist Parth Jhaveri (from Walnut, California) versus assistant teacher / cover band singer Carla Dominguez (from Pittsburgh).

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