Bob Hearts Abishola EP Cancels Season Two Premiere Proposal Twist, Confirmed [Spoiler]The approaching arrival


Bob Hearts Abishola opened season two with a marriage proposal – but it didn't go as Bob planned.

On Monday's episode, Bob Tunde asked for help buying an engagement ring. Shortly thereafter, Abishola got wind of Bob's intentions and confronted him before he could ask the question.

Without going into details, Abishola shared her belief that a traditional marriage causes more trouble than it's worth. As she had previously explained to Kemi and Gloria, at a traditional Nigerian wedding she first had to return to their homeland with Bob so that the sock seller could present himself to the rest of her family. She would also have to face her estranged husband and apply for a divorce.

In the end, however, Abishola had a change of heart. When Bob caught up with her on her bus ride home from work and was determined to make the nurse his future bride, Abishola interrupted him and asked him to marry her. "It's going to be so difficult," she told him. "But since when has it ever been easy for us?"

With regards to the premiere, showrunner Al Higgins tells TVLine that it was Chuck Lorre who sold him in the proposition's storyline. "We didn't always plan to get Bob and Abishola engaged that quickly," he says. "Lorre is the one who said, 'Let's speed this up. This show is about love so we're giving the audience something hopeful. "

After that idea was set in stone, it was decided that it should be Abishola, not Bob, who asked the question. "We thought it would be nice to see Abishola's journey, from initially fighting that relationship in the pilot through to making the final decision to spend the rest of her life with Bob," explains Higgins.

Season two removes all of Abishola's concerns about marrying Bob, starting with the arrival of Abishola's unseen husband. "Bob and Abishola are ready to go to Nigeria and attend to it, but the situation is kind of brought home when their first successful husband, who is now successful, comes to Detroit on business," reveals Higgins. "There will of course be trials and tribulations that lead to their wedding, but you know, no matter what, Bob and Abishola love each other and that will prevail in the end."

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