Blue Bloods Recap: Truly His Father’s Son – Rate the Season 11 Finale


That Friday night in the two-hour Blue Bloods season finale, Joe Hill (as picked up a long time ago by my Inside Line column) reappeared in a big way. But did he reveal himself as a “black sheep”? under the Reagan family? Or just very much his father’s son?

Shortly before the opening hour of the finals, we – together with Danny! – Realized that Joe had actually been sent undercover with some gunmen working on behalf of the ATF during all these months. While Danny was clearly unawares (and as a result almost shot his own nephew when he stumbled upon a gun sale), Frank and Jamie, who acted as Joe’s NYPD dealers, both knew about it. And that aroused understandable friction among the men.

Adding to the suspense, Joe’s operation fitted the brutal family murder by a rented gun linked to Joe’s “boss” Kenny. Worse, said killer Max Fagan, who was called in to replenish the ranks after a couple of the gunmen were caught by Danny and Baez during the earlier takedown. Since Max was breathing down the neck of both Joe and his cohort Tyce, Joe did not want or could not check in with his handlers as needed, although he left just enough information as best he could (via encrypted messages signaled to surveillance) Cameras) for Danny and Jamie who are now working together to stay on his trail.

Meanwhile, Frank repeatedly closed the horns on ATF special agent Weber (played by the timeless ER alum Gloria Reuben), who questioned his keen interest in Joe Hill’s assignment – and who nearly blew a seal when the superintendent told her that Joe wouldn’t report to Jamie until now.

The first hour ended with a harrowing scene in which it appeared as if Max, after throwing Joe’s cell out the window, was going to drive by and set the car on fire with Joe. but it turned out that the charred corpse was actually Max himself. Joe managed to jump on top of him, whereupon he and Tyce ran away. But instead of letting Danny and Jamie catch up with him to bring him in, Joe left more breadcrumbs for them, all the way to New Hampshire, where Joe learned that a massive ammunition sale was about to fall in the service of a courthouse.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, a filthy ATF agent on the run found Joe and Tyce at the motel they were hiding in, determined to take out the undercover cop. The agent “deduced” that Tyce was the cop and went to shoot him, but Joe pulled out a hidden side panel and shot the man’s kneecaps out. (How much John Reese!) Joe announced for some reason that he was indeed a cop, which resulted in a tough conversation between him and Tyce, who had some ideas about where the “Big Bang” gun sale would take place. (At this point, Joe was using a gas station card to signal a security camera where they were going.)

Danny and Jamie caught up with Joe and Tyce, as did Kenny and his thugs. A tense shootout ensued, although luckily the good guys had some of the heavier artillery on hand to hold their own. One by one, Danny, Jamie, Joe, and Tyce took out Kenny’s men, even though they almost got the fall on Joe at some point … but Tyce came out with guns blazing to save his cop friend, albeit at his own sacrifice Life while Joe shot a non-fatal bullet in the upper body.

As a result, over dinner with the family, the Reagans (of course) pondered Joe’s dangerous undercover appearance and whether his risk-taking made him the “new black sheep in the family” that will always worry them. However, Frank claimed that any of them could be a black sheep on any given day. But Joe is “special” and “really his father’s son”. “

“And that’s a good thing …?” asked Joe.

“There is nothing better,” Frank assured his grandson.

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