Blade: 5 Causes The Wesley Snipes Film Is Simply As Good As You Bear in mind

The Music Is Amazing

Back to that rave scene. I remember actually seeing Blade for a birthday party (because apparently, movie theaters were still allowing 15-year-olds into Rated-R movies back then). My good friend, Valentina, was sitting next to me, and when that rave music came on, she turned her face to me and said, “Richard, this is awesome!” And it was. She bought the soundtrack as soon as we got out of the theater.

And the Blade soundtrack totally fits the movie. The music is tonally dark and pulse pounding and it really fits the action of the story. Most comic book movies tend to take more orchestral approaches to their films, which is fine but a little played out if you ask me. But Blade almost sounds like a Streets of Rage soundtrack sometimes with some of its techno influences. Plus, the actual CD is amazing, with tracks by Mystikal (remember him?), Gangstarr, and KRS-One. It sounds like no other Marvel soundtrack out there, and that’s a good thing.

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