Big Sky Recap: A New Case, an Old Friend, and Ronald in a wig


Big Sky returned from its break on Tuesday and offered two consecutive episodes that introduced us a whole slew of new faces – many of them may not be on the rise. And Ronald is still on the run three months after the events of the previous episode. So let’s stop wasting time: here’s what happened in “Catastrophic Thinking” and “All Kinds of Snakes”.

THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS | In the time since Legarski’s death and Ronald’s escape, Cassie and Jenny have worked mostly in domestic cases – cheating on husbands and the like. While investigating a possible matter, they find that the guy they are staking out (Alan) is unlikely to be stepping on his wife; His shady behavior is likely due to trafficking in mysterious substances that get him in great trouble.

There are tons of workarounds to find Alan, who is missing, and his wife Naomi and their father Bruce are getting involved. But at some point – after Alan kills a killer known as The Snail – the snail’s friend is looking for him. It all ends with Jenny shooting Snail’s friend and rescuing Alan who was on the ferry… wait for it… black market thoroughbred seeds.

RONALD ON THE RUN | Is this guy with the knitted hat, long blond hair and round glasses a bad John Denver? No! Just Ronald wearing a wig (right? The hair won’t grow that long in three months) and pretending to be a meal delivery driver named Arthur. He’s hiding in no uncertain terms, dating a supermarket clerk named Scarlett, who has a young daughter named Phoebe and a curious sister named Mary. He seems to like Scarlett’s seemingly reserved manner, and it seems like he’s trying to curb his urges: for example, if Mary rubs him the wrong way, he slips into the bathroom and hits his leg with the taser he’s taped under her sink.

But when Scarlett finds the Taser, she teases him about his “secret” and implies that she will share some fantasies of her own if he tells her his. It makes him angry and we all know what happens and when Ronald Arthur gets angry. Also, Dewell & Hoyt gets some heavy breath calls, and Jerrie – who is now the office receptionist – only knows that Ronald is making himself known.

MARSHAL YOUR RESOURCES | Frank Lindor, a US Marshal played by Omar Metwally of The Affair, appears in Helena and tells Cassie and Jenny that he is investigating Ronald’s case. The ladies, especially Cassie, don’t take this very well – especially since Lindor is an odd duck. But he seems to mean well, and when he gets a clue about Ronald (the man slept by his mother’s grave one night) he writes a note indicating eternal love and leaves it on the tombstone.

EX MARKS THE SPOT | Blake Kleinsasser (Once Upon a Time Michael Raymond-James) is one of Jenny’s old friends and is currently in jail for assaulting the daughter of a man who used to work for Blake’s father Horst (Ted Levine von Monk). Horst is an ornery, violent man who recently had a stroke and is trying to figure out which of his children will take over his ranch after he dies. In addition to Blake, there is John Wayne (Kyle Schmid from SIX), the Psycho Rand (Ryan Dorsey from Pitch) and Cheyenne (Britt Robertson from Life UneXpected).

Blake calls Jenny, swears he didn’t do what he’s been accused of and asks for her help. So she and Cassie meet with him … and suddenly all the Kleinsassers and the whole town are either actively threatening her or obstructing her investigation. Her tires are slashed and her car is splattered with blood. The local sheriff (ubiquitous guest star Sebastian Roché) closes his inquiries and inquiries to review the files on Blake’s case, but it looks like the ladies can make progress on a woman working in the sheriff’s office.

Later, while Cassie goes to the bar – and meets half of the Kleinsasser siblings there – Jenny visits the ranch and drinks tea with Horst’s wife Margaret (Michelle Forbes from The Killing) before Horst shows up and throws her out. Unimpressed, she turns around her back, sneaks into the property, and accidentally finds Rand cooking meth in a trailer in the woods. He sees them and hunts; When she falls into a pit with cow carcasses, he waves a knife and smiles very disturbingly.

And Cassie is not doing much better. Despite not committing a traffic violation, she is stopped by a police officer on her way back to the motel. He forces her out of her car, handcuffs her, and throws her into the back of his cruiser. Then he drives right past the sheriff’s office.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” she wants to know, but he doesn’t answer.

Oh, and Blake? He’s out of jail and Horst – who swore earlier in the episode he’d never get his hands on the ranch – is there to pick him up.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the sequential episodes? Sound off in the comments!

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