Bassnectar’s attorney responds to claims, details from Court Docs Surface

It was revealed yesterday that Lorin Ashton, also known as Bassnectar, is involved in a lawsuit related to allegations of sexual abuse that surfaced last year.

Plaintiffs Rachel Ramsbottom and Alexis Bowling say they were sexually abused by Bassnectar when they were minors. The lawsuit also alleges that Bassnectar is involved in the sex trade and possesses child pornography.

Bassnectar’s attorney Mitchell Schuster told TMZ today, “These outrageous claims, which were clearly intended for the media and not the courts, are completely unfounded and we look forward to proving it.”

Court documents obtained from TMZ state that Bassnectar first came into contact with the two young women on social media and induced Rachel and Alexis to have sexual relations with him when they were minors.

According to the records, Bassnectar learned the girls in DMs were underage before sending them tickets to his shows. Then he allegedly invited her back to his hotel room for sex and “instructed him to be without a condom”.

Rachel claims that she was first contacted by the DJ / producer in 2012 and has had sex with Bassnectar since May 2013 while she was a minor. She also says he asked her “to take and post sexually explicit photos of herself while she is naked”.

Alexis claims that she was contacted by Bassnectar in 2014 and had numerous sexual encounters with him between 2014 and 2016 while she was a minor.

The lawsuit says Bassnectar paid the girls for sex in amounts between $ 300 and $ 1,600.

Rachel and Alexis were also reportedly instructed to watch American Beauty, which is described as “a film about an older man who has a relationship with a young girl.”

Law firms in Philadelphia and Nashville have filed a joint lawsuit against Bassnectar and its various management companies and firms – Amorphous Music, Inc., Bassnectar Touring, Inc., Redlight Management, Inc., C3 Presents, LLC, and Interactive Giving Fund.

Bassnectar left the music industry after allegations of sexual abuse surfaced in 2020, many of which are detailed here.

Read more about the lawsuit here.

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