Artem Chigvintsev's birthday homage to Nikki Bella will soften your coronary heart

Nikki's birthday isn't the only thing the couple celebrated in the past few weeks. The new mom announced that she and Artem bought a new house in the Napa Valley on the latest episode of the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast.

"It was my biggest online purchase to date," she said of her new home. "That's what COVID did to me. My sister and I were so sick of being super pregnant in the desert. When I went into labor it was 118 degrees."

Nikki admitted that Artem wasn't entirely on board with the decision given that they had invested so much in their current home. "I haven't lived there for a year and it took me two years to build," she shared, noting that Artem "wasn't happy at first."

"And now he's become happy about it," she continued. "But I wonder how he feels really deep inside!"

The couple have yet to take the big step and are waiting for Artem to finish DWTS.

Make your move more exciting? You will not live there alone. Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan revealed that they are also going to Napa Valley with their children, Birdie Joe, 3 and Buddy dessert, 3 months.

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