Alabama Man asks 3 year old son to murder his mother on Facebook !! (Vid)

A Mobile Alabama man faces possible kidnapping and assault after a video of the man berating his girlfriend is leaked. And MTO News learned that the man was trying to convince the woman’s 3-year-old son to murder her on livestream.

The video is extremely disturbing – and found its way through social media. As of this morning, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

In the video posted by MTO News below, the abusive man can be heard berating his girlfriend in front of her two toddlers. The man accuses the woman of sleeping with her friends and “putting him on trial” for no reason.

Then he tries to find the couple’s young son in order to murder his own mother. He asks the young son to put a plastic bag over his mother’s head – and explains that he plans to tape the bag to her head – which causes her to suffocate.

The woman in the video is badly injured – her face is injured and she has difficulty breathing.

At some point the man orders his girlfriend to get up – and her leg is clearly damaged. The man claimed she was recently shot in the leg.

MTO News forwarded the video to the Mobile, AL, police for comment. So we did not receive an answer.

Here is the video:

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