5 Methods To Assist Cinemas Throughout The Coronavirus Pandemic

Nab Film collectibles from Mondo and Alamo Drafthouse

Mondo and Alamo Drafthouse sell movie collectibles and posters to add to your personal collection or to grab a last-minute Christmas gift for a movie lover. All of the proceeds will go towards paying Alamo Drafthouse employees and paying off debts and expenses incurred during the COVID-19 shutdown, Alamo Drafthouse co-founder and executive chairman Tim League said on the Alamo Drafthouse blog.

Part of the special sale, which League bills as the "Invasion of the Alamo Basement", is a special auction of Mondo posters. 15 year old Mondo collectible posters will be auctioned for $ 1 and up through December 13th. Mondo posters are known for their unique and beautiful designs of new and classic films – as exhibited by the Star Wars trilogy posters shown above – and are made in limited capacities. This is a rare opportunity to access Mondo posters that may have long been out of stock.

Other great movie collectibles are available to purchase and support Alamo Drafthouse, including officially licensed enamel pins of famous movies and characters. Movie-inspired t-shirts; Alamo Drafthouse Loot; Action figures and figures; and more.

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